CFT Week

By Adrian

So the CFT is over for another cycle. Some of you are happy with your results, some satisfied and some disappointed. For those that are disappointed there are a number of things to consider.

What stage of your training were you at? The strength programme is set out to have a back off week prior to attempting to do you max efforts. Did you do this? Were you at that point with your cycle? When training for Olympic or power lifting there is a back off prior to the competitions. There is a period of very heavy work leading up to max efforts and then a week to recover prior to the competitions. Did this happen for you?

Emotionally were you ready to lay it all out on the day? There is a big difference between wanting to succeed and being scared to fail. The fear will cause a greater adrenaline response and allow you to harness the fight or flight stimulus to perform greater efforts. This is how mothers lift cars off children. Ron Clarke was once asked why Herb Elliott was so much more successful than he was. He said that while he wanted to win, Herb was scared to lose and that made him run faster. Max effort lifts should be scary. You should approach the lift with a healthy respect, a bit of fear and trepidation, and then make it your bitch. If you aren’t scared of the load, it isn’t a max effort.

To the people who had been sick and injured and still sucked it up and put in strong efforts, hats off to you all. Just because you have been away for a bit does not mean you will not lift well. I know that a few of you were surprised with your results after a lay off, but I wasn’t. Your body gets stronger during the rest periods, not the training.

If you didn’t achieve what you wanted, don’t be disheartened. Have a look at your training records. Talk you your coaches. Review what days you train. Consider doing an extra day a week if necessary. Don’t neglect the auxiliary work, midsection, calves etc. All of this can assist you to lift more weight.

Ultimately you all need to keep training. And before you think you are too old to improve or learn new skills, have a look at Rod Kantor and John Casey. I only hope that when I am their age I am as ageless as they are.

CrossFit athlete receiving encouragement from another athlete during Fran at The Cell CrossFit, Perth

Pick up the weight young fella!